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Wood decks have become a very popular, low-cost way to add living space to a
home and provide a great space to relax, entertain friends, or enjoy outdoor dining.
However, like all wood surfaces, they need to be properly maintained. Because
wood decks are subject to the damaging effects of weather, it is critical to have your
deck cleaned using pressure washing and sealed on a regular basis. A poorly
maintained wood deck quickly turns grey in color as it deteriorates due to the high
level of ultra violet light (UV) dirt, mold, and algae. Soon enough the wood deck
becomes dry and splinters form, creating a rougher surface even more inviting to dirt, grime and mold.


Before deck stains or sealers are applied, the wood needs to be thoroughly washed and cleaned with an environmental friendly biodegradable cleaning chemical and power washed to remove the dirt, grime, and soil that has been imbedded deep into the wood’s grain.

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We use high quality stains and sealers which are safe and environmentally friendly,
sealing the deck to protect from cracking, cupping, and warping.